Boho Sherwood Forest Wedding

Ever dream of getting married on the water? Take a look at Kate and Chris' simple, yet beautiful day at Sherwood Forest. We were loving that ALL her girlfriends were in her “bridal party” with a simple rose and any dress they chose. Could you ask for a cooler Bride? Nope, we didn’t think so ;)

Our team can't get over the joy we shared with the bridal parties on this day. Talk about having all your "girls" on your special day! Kate made it work by choosing a variety of colors and styles for her bridesmaid dresses. The colors blended beautifully with the nature theme.

We still can't get over her classic, nearly, Kate Middleton-like look with the elegant long-sleeved lace dress and long curled hair. I'm sure Chris is still in awe too;)

Can you feel the love?! We feel it.