Avoid Donning These 4 Colors As A Wedding Guest!

Just get invited to a wedding? We know that not only does the couple go through a stressful time in preparation for the big day, but so do the guests! We know that and thats why we're here to make things a little easier with some tips on what to wear! You shouldn't have to sweat during the reception, wondering if you're offending anyone because of the cocktail dress you picked out, so take a look at these 4 useful tips on colors to avoid!


Red, the color of love, which is exactly what a marriage is about so why isn't it appropriate to wear to a wedding?? Well, as a guest you are supposed to blend in and let all eyes be on the new bride, not all eyes trying to figure out where you bought that head-turning dress. Now in some Eastern cultures, red is a celebrated color. For example in Chinese and Indian weddings red is associated with happiness and good fortune, prosperity and fertility, and some couples even encourage their guests to wear red in order to bring good luck to their new beginning. BUT, and it's a big but, in traditional Western world weddings, anything to showy like the color red is a major wedding guest faux pas! It's best to avoid this striking color!


Not to say duh but DUH. Follow the age old (and maybe slightly archaic) rule that the bride should be the only one wearing white. It's her big day and she deserves to stand out from the crowd, and one way she gets to do that is by being the only woman in white. Short, long, knee length, high waisted, even just a skirt, don't do it! Men too, no white tuxes (#equality), or you might have to explain why you're not standing next to the bride...because you're not the groom. Unlesss the bride is planning on going with a more contemporary look and wearing a blue or red gown avoid anything even slightly bridal-y. Don't. Wear. White. Period. 


This has been going back and forth for ages, but if you ask us, save that little black dress for office hours or a blind date.....or a funeral. Maybe it's personal opinion, but black is such a somber color. You have been invited to a party, liven it up a bit! Of course, snazzing that black dress up with a bold colored statement necklace and fun clutch does remedy it just a tad. Unless you want to be mistaken for a server or cough, wedding planner, cough cough, or if the bride and groom have specifically asked guests to wear black and white, leave the monochromatic shade at home!


Yes, you're being invited to a wedding, no that does not mean pull out the sequined body con dress you just bought for last month's girl's night. Talk about stealing the show, the only glitter should be the disco ball on the dance floor, not your dress and its strobe lights as you twirl around with a glass of rose' in hand. Not to mention that nowadays sequined bridesmaids dresses are in, and if you want to save the awkwardness of trying to be the third wheel to the bridal party accidentally (or maybe not), save the glitter for another occasion. Trust us, you'll avoid whispers as you walk by fellow wedding goers and save yourself some face!