Being a Bridesmaid

I'd been looking forward to this weekend since last summer. The last time I was asked to be in a wedding I was 2 years old. After walking down the aisle, I laid down as I got to the alter since spreading petals was so physically exhausting. Luckily, I had a bit (not much) more self-control this past weekend as a bridesmaid.

When I was asked to be a bridesmaid in my cousin's wedding, I was happily surprised and excited. The wedding ceremony and reception took place at a beautiful inn in Pennsylvania. 

Instead of giving a play by play of the night, I'm going to recall some of my favorite moments and parts that were perfectly planned out.

  1. Matching robes, flip flops and earring given to the bridal party at the rehearsal dinner. We had so much fun getting ready in our lovely matching robes. 
  2. The couple decided to have grandparents do readings and reflections of a healthy marriage.
  3. The best man and woman rang a bell when the officiant announced the couple officially married.
  4. A rave party on the dancefloor with electric dance music and foam glow sticks (SO FUN!)
  5. As thank yous, the couple made a soundtrack CD of the memorable songs from their special day since they love music!