Don't Forget These Details if You Want To Throw The Most Bad A$$ Bridal Shower!

Ok, first you'll need let guests know which house the party is taking place at so you should obviously chalk up your driveway with these clever diamond rings. It's like a yellow brick road but better...

Next you need to make sure they know where they should enter the fiesta so you have to make an adorable wreath, see below, with bridal/wedding-y sayings

This ultra-cute banner should hang right over your mimosa bar, encouraging toasting and other alcohol related activities that are super fun i.e., drinking the mimosas ;)

If you're a millennial and you threw a party without giant balloon letters corresponding with the party theme, did you really throw a party? No

Throw some fresh (or fake honestly) roses into an ice cube tray for a luxe addition to your signature drink (recipe soon)!

And if that's too much work, then just get this baby and fill with water! Still cute just not as time-consuming

Now you have somewhere to put those chic ice-cubes, in your signature drink! Rose' + sorbet = HEAVEN

You should probably have a countdown because you know not everybody saved your cute Save The Dates.....

For the best photo-ops, make a custom photo frame....DUH

OR, get a little more crazy and get yourself a nice little backdrop for a photo booth!


PSA: Don't forget the props!

Make sure the bride-to-be has her own special chair where she can enjoy the party or open her gifts :)

Bridal themed food items is honestly a must, so throw some of these diamond picks into your cupcakes for a win!

Or opt for these mini works of art that you can eat because honestly cookies are the new cake pops...

Finally, make sure to keep all your guests entertained with these entertaining games!