Furever & Fur Always!!

Thinking about having your four-legged friend present on your wedding day? Well you’re in luck because Furever & Fur Always is here fur all your wedding day doggie needs.

Credit: Whole Heart Studios, Hannah Mink Photography

Furever & Fur Always started in hopes that engaged pet owners can include their furbaby during all their wedding moments. The thought of including your dog may seem like a logistical nightmare, but with the Furever team present it’s completely stress-free. They make sure everything is taken care of from pick-up & drop off; transportation; feeding/walking/loving; ceremony & photo assistance; pampering & accessorizing; and even overnight care.

Credit: Human Beings Photography, Photos by Sarah Beth, Jeff Simpson Photography

Why hire Furever & Fur Always--wouldn’t it be easier to just have a friend or family member do it? The real question is “Does your friend or family member want to actually be the doggie wrangler on your wedding day?”. The answer is most likely not, and if they are your close friend or family you’ll want them to be present fur you, not running around with your pup outside finding the perfect place to take care of their business. That’s what Furever is there fur--to make sure your pup is as pampered and as well taken care of as you are. Their main focus is to make sure your doggie is having the wedding day s/he deserves too. Not only do they feed, walk, play with, give water & pick up after them, but they stand closely behind your photographer with treats and squeaky toys so your photographer can get the most perfect shots. They are also keeping an eye on your pup during the ceremony in case fur some reason your doggie thinks saying your vows means “play time” or “bark time”. They take care of everything so you don’t have to worry about one thing except marrying your (human) best friend.

Sounds like the perfect service to have your four-legged best friend present on your wedding day, doesn’t it? Not only is it a great service, but hiring Furever is super simple and definitely affordable. The Furever team makes sure they take the time to evaluate what is best fur your pup by sending over their initial Pawsultation Questionnaire and then they set up a time to come to your house before the big day. That way everyone can meet each other and you can feel at ease knowing your furbaby is in good hands. Once you make that easy decision to move forward it will be determined which package is best fur you--Pearl Pup, Diamond Dog, Platinum Pooch or something completely customized to fit all your needs!

So what are you waiting fur?! The ladies of Furever & Fur Always are anxiously awaiting to meet your precious pup, and help make all your wedding day doggie dreams come true! Feel free to check out their website and reviews at www.fureverandfuralways.com and then shoot them an e-mail directly at pups@fureverandfuralways.com to get the process started. You and your pup won’t regret having them there throughout all your special wedding moments!