Let Them Eat (Cup)Cake!

After a few weeks of scheduling our phone interview, I was finally able to speak with Carrie, owner and founder of Blue Crab Cupcakes! As a busy mother of three and a successful entrepreneur, Carrie’s time is precious to say the least.

With the help of family and friends, Carrie opened Blue Crab Cupcakes in April 2015 and has been on the go ever since. “It just exploded!”, Carrie told me about her opening. Gaining business by word of mouth and through social media, people have been falling in love with Blue Crab Cupcakes. From their moist and flavorful minis to their regular size cupcakes, Carrie makes sure each and every cupcake that goes out is “filled with love”.....literally! From candied pineapple to chocolate chip cookie dough to cheescake, biting into every one of Blue Crab Cupcakes treats reveals sweet surprises, yes even the minis!

Carrie lets the quality of the products that go out of her kitchen stand her apart from the crowd. “I don't think many businesses utilize the minis the way we do. We fill them and put the same attention to detail on them as we do our regular sizes”.

Carrie’s artistry is something she prides herself on. As a boutique bakery, mass production is not a goal, but instead making each and every cupcake a work of art. Adding colorful, sometimes crunchy toppings, ranging from pink chocolate curls to homemade apple strudel- each cupcake is most definitely Instagram worthy!

But don't let the seemingly frivolous add-ons fool you, they're necessities. “Everything I put on my cupcakes is there for a reason”. Whether that's to add texture or enhance a flavor note already within the cupcake, Carrie spends time researching and planning flavor combinations and textures to make sure her cupcakes are not only artistic but cohesive at the same time.

So why should a couple choose cupcakes over a cake for their wedding? Having booked 30 weddings just for this year alone, Carrie and her cupcakes prove that custom wedding cakes have some stiff competition when it comes to these grab-and-go desserts. “Couples are realizing that no one eats the cake, it’s to overwhelming”. Wedding guests tend to not have too big of sweet tooths especially after a three course meal and an open bar. “People want something they can grab and eat on their way to the dance floor. They also don't want to commit to just one flavor”. Carries minis are especially popular at weddings where guests can try different flavors and not get too full doing it!  

I asked Carrie what makes her stand out from the crowd? Cupcakeries have gotten more and more popular over the past 6 or 7 years, with Food Network even making reality shows based around creating the perfect cupcake! From her experience in corporate sales and customer service, Carrie markets her business as an intimate experience between the baker and the couple. “A lot of couples go to different bakeries within the Annapolis area and they are thrown a number and that’s all they are to the bakery, a number. It’s not personal and the bride and groom don’t feel taken care of”. Blue Crab Cupcakes is all about the bride and groom! Carrie will even take the tasting appointment to them, going to individual's houses and setting up private tastings for the bride and groom and whomever else is invited! Carrie’s  customers know that her and her business go the extra mile. Having just delivered cupcakes to a delivery room, surprising the new mother who Carrie knew couldn't have sweets throughout her whole pregnancy. “She was a customer of mine recently and I knew that doing something so personal would be remembered, especially in that special of a moment”. As her commercial storefront is in the works, she plans on having a private tasting room dedicated to helping her customers find the perfect cupcake for their special day!

Carrie’s work ethic is fierce, she takes on any size wedding or gathering ranging from 20 to 200 and makes sure she delivers!.....figuratively and not. Carrie offers three different services in regard to a customer's event. Blue Crab Cupcakes will deliver directly to your event, help set up your cupcakes, or even provide custom tier rentals to display your cupcakes on.

Offering the option of customization to the cupcakes themselves, Carrie is able to incorporate specific colors and flavors if cohesive, making them look and taste amazing and unique to you! Carrie says, “any flavor combination or look a customer wants, I can create it!”. And if you are wondering what the owner and founder’s favorite flavors are; “for fruity it's probably the Key Lime Pie and for more decadent options I really like the S’mores cupcake!”.

Be sure to check out Blue Crab Cupcakes via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to keep up with their newest flavors and special events!

A big thanks to Carrie for finding time in her busy schedule to talk with Wedding Savvy, we wish you the best of luck! We will most definitely be sharing pics of her displays from our upcoming weddings, stay tuned ;)