The Best Wedding Registries Out There Right Now!

We found the top 6 wedding registries for the newly engaged couples. Whether your a hipster or a traditionalist, this list should have somewhere to put all your wish list needs! 


"Tendr lets you give a cash gift or register for an occasion. Its been dubbed "the easiest, most elegant way to give and receive the gift of money for life’s most important celebrations". Money has always been the most desired gift for weddings, graduations, religious rites of passage, and many other celebrations. Which makes sense. After all, the real gift of money is that it empowers the people you care about to create lifelong memories, follow new paths, and make meaningful decisions about their lives. Tendr lets you give in a way you’ve never done it before. It’s beautiful, simple, and surprisingly personal".


Blueprint is unique in the sense that it lets you import registries from other retailers. Some more of the benefits include:

  • Shop room by room- Explore products room by room through visual blueprints allowing you to see what you need, want, and desire for your new life together. "Traditional registry and retailer websites are cumbersome and difficult to browse, which is why we have streamlined the search and discovery process, allowing you to browse gifts room by room, section by section".
  • Honeymoon Fund- Blueprint lets you put experiences on your wish list. Whether thats a spa retreat or a brunch for two, you can add it to the list! 
  • Completion discount- Receive an additional 10% off of select items in your registry after your wedding. For all those gifts you never got but wished you had, you can now purchase at a discount up to 1 year after your wedding.


As the world's most popular crowdfunding site for weddings, honeymoons, down payments, charities and more, they've helped hundreds of thousands of couples make their newlywed dreams come true with their easy-to-use fundraising platform! With reviews from The New York Times, Huffington Post, and TIME Magazine, this Shark Tank starter company has surely made a name for itself. Perfect for the wanderlust couple!


"NewlyWish is the result of the founders' experience while creating their own wedding registry. While a little reticent about the whole idea of registering – having a destination wedding, their guests' presence was worth more than their presents – they were convinced to create a gift registry (by their mothers no less) as a convenience for guests. But during their search for the perfect registry items – chic, stylish, functional, and appropriate for a small NYC duplex – they found themselves unable to tap into their favorite shops or incorporate less traditional gifts like artwork, fitness training, and dancing lessons. And so, maybe selfishly, NewlyWish was born, with the goal of creating a marketplace full of vibrant brands, boutiques, artisans and service providers, so engaged couples can truly get the gifts they want, and have a little fun doing it".

NewlyWish is quite perfect for the hipsters of your life!


Whats neat about Zola is its also a wedding planning service as well, giving couples tools to help foster their planning process in an easy way. Zola Weddings has your free suite of wedding-planning tools, including your wedding website, registry, checklist, and guest list. 


This one does make you pay a $30 fee in exchange for no ads and a pretty streamlined shopping experience. You can also keep your registry after you say "I Do". Turn your wedding registry into a holiday wishlist or baby registry. The one-time fee means you can keep it as long as you like.


SimpleRegistry might now have all the bells and whistles but it does have fun elements that are unique. Like letting your friends and family suggest list items. They get a custom version of our SimpleAdder tool and can suggest great items they already love!


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