Vegas Baby! A Bachelorette for The Books!

Looking to throw the most epic bachelorette party for your squad??? Look no further! has provided us insider secrets to Wedding Savvy to share with our brides. 


Lets start with the basics: Packing Essentials

  • Sunscreen! That desert sun can really take a toll on your skin. Make sure to pack some SPF to avoid getting burned before your big day

  • Cardigans- Some people are sensitive to the cold and with the Nevada temperature those casinos will have the AC cranked! 

  • Comfy shoes- We know sometimes style takes over comfort but do yourself a favor and pack a pair of wedges or cute sandals that can go with a "going out" outfit. After those first night blisters, you'll thank us!

  • Excedrin and Tums- Its all fun and games until the hangover hits, be prepared!

  • Cute clutch or small cross body purse- It sucks trying to lug around a hefty bag when you're trying to dance. Pack a cute clutch that will hold the essentials: ID, phone, credit cards/money and lip gloss!

  • Fashion bathing suits- Multiple photo ops require a variety of suits and with those insane Vegas pool parties, you'll want to look your best!



What to do? Las Vegas has something for everyone. First, decide if you bride is MILD or WILD and then choose from below. Then, check out these Las Vegas deals for more fun excursions that won't break the bank!



And if you're looking for something a little more unique, try this fun Vegas scavenger hunt!

Be sure to check out  Las Vegas deals for more fun excursions that won't break the bank!