We've Already Planned Your Perfect Halloween Wedding

With Halloween just around the corner, we decided to try our hand at designing the perfect Halloween wedding for those "to die for" couples out there. Feel free to take inspiration from these original mood boards full of haunted glamour. These two designs will take your Hallow's Eve wedding to the next level, and hopefully showing your guests just how glamorous a costume party can be!

This mood board was designed for the whimsical client. Bright orange and deep black support vibrant maroons and natural greenery. Use white and orange pumpkins to decorate your aisle way, adding embellishment with gold details. Use a more natural palate for bridal party attire with soft ivory and burnt orange, adding statement makeup and bold suspenders. Floral elements make this design eerie but enchanting 

Our second mood board is for a classic couple with a more refined taste. Black and white contrast one another delicately, with greenery and silver elements adding a sensual aesthetic. Lace detailing will look perfect on one's table scape with black pumpkins framing either side or used as a centerpiece. Dress your bridal party in crisp white or deep black and adorn with black florals to enhance this stunning look

Mood boards by Wedding Savvy Inc.