Why You Should Get A Printed Wedding Album

One of our proven vendors, Joy Michelle, of Joy Michelle Photography tells us why brides and grooms NEED printed wedding albums!

You may have noticed that having a printed wedding album is becoming rarer these days. Because of the convenience of having digital files, couples can choose to print or make their photos into pretty much anything. But the truth is most couples let those JPEGS sit on their computers. Since I think that’s a shame, today I’m sharing with you three reasons why it is 100% worthwhile to invest in a printed wedding album. 

1.     It forces you to unplug!

Having a printed album in your hands allows you to get off your phone or computer and experience your images away from screens. Imagine pulling your album out on your anniversary or a special occasion and turning the pages without interruption of notifications or having to sit behind a computer. Doesn’t that sound nice? 

Not only is It a different experience because you’re not limited to an LCD screen, but the colors and detail are improved in a professionally printed album. It’s almost like seeing in HD. Also because of the way they’re laid out, flipping through the pages leads you through the story of the day. 

Facebook is a fun tool for sharing your photos with your friends and family but when it’s time to take a quiet moment and reflect, you want an album. 


2.     It changes how you share your photos with your friends and family when they come over

When you have friends over for cocktails or when family visits for the Holidays, you can pull out your album to gather around and relive the memories of your wedding day. When you have a printed album, there’s no need to find the files because you have your wedding album. 

I love flat lay albums in larger sizes because they’re perfect for a group of people to view the pages all at once. 


3.     It’s your first Heirloom as a married couple. 

Back in the days of film, it used to be that every wedding photo was printed and albums were standard. The beauty of this was that couples would have something physical and tangible to hand to their future generations when sharing their wedding memories. Digital files are wonderful for backing up and saving your images, but a JPEG shouldn’t be how it ends. 

By having a wedding album you can ensure that your wedding photos will live on beyond a computer file or a Facebook update. I think your day deserve that.

Your wedding photographer will have access to professional printing labs only available for the pros, so be sure to ask them what your album options are. If you wish to print your photographs yourself I recommend Artifact Uprising or Mpix for a high-quality alternative.