2018 Wedding Predictions from Zola

Here are some ideas of what this year's weddings will be like! Get ready for lots of good food and creative styles...

Zola, a phenomenal wedding registry, gave us fabulous insight on this year's wedding trends.  Some of Zola's tools include wedding websites, a guest list manager, a customizable checklist, and a dream wedding registry. 


  • Get those dresses and suits/tuxes ready!54% of 2018 weddings will be cocktail attire, and another 20% will be black tie optional. 
  • One of the biggest bridesmaids trends this year is coordinating but not matching. We love to see different styles of dresses in the same color or a similar color palate in the same dress! 53% of brides are following this trend!
  • Brides- It's all about the dress...70% of brides spent under $100 on their wedding day shoes. 


  • Get ready for your mouth to water... 
  • Custom cocktails (38%)
  • This year, food local to the area is a popular favorite. (34%) Ex: Philly cheesesteak, Maine lobster
  • Late night bites (32%) Food trucks! Have a food truck come for a late night snack after the reception.
  • Cake... don't worry, 77% of couples will have a wedding cake
    • A trendy style for cakes is the "naked" look in which the cake is nearly frosting free (24%)

Details/ Décor

  • 50% of couples will get married where they currently live
  • Venues
    • Want to hear something wild? A couple said they're "literally getting married in a cave"
    • Popular venues include: Historic home/mansion, rustic barn, lush garden, banquet hall, beach
  • Top 5 most popular décor trends:
    • Gold/rose gold
    • flowers or greenery hanging from the ceiling
    • succulents!
    • full floral or greenery wall
    • balloons

WORST THING TO DO AT A WEDDING: make your own announcement- proposal or pregnancy. Don't ruin the bride's day.

Thanks again, Zola for giving us a wealth of information about trends, details, and helpful stats. 


Raquel Shutt

Raquel Shutt is the owner of Wedding Savvy Inc., a custom event planning & design company located in Annapolis. Since its inception in 2002, Wedding Savvy has been featured in many regional publications such as The Knot Magazine, The Washingtonian, The Capital, as well as featured on We TV’s “Platinum Weddings.” Wedding Savvy is the highest rated company on Weddingwire.com.  Visit our website to learn more!