Key Insights from the Royal Wedding

Still can't stop thinking about the Royal Wedding? We have tremendous takeaways and tips for brides and bride-lovers from the special day!

Courtesy of Lindsey McConaghy, founder of Monde PR, we have some key insights and comments about the Royal Wedding from Amy Grace Collins, Certified Event Planner & Designer.  We wholeheartedly agree and wanted to share!


This wedding created a true marriage between not only two lives, but two cultures and more importantly two countries, who by all opinions, are some of the world's strongest allies. The music was traditional British flavor with a touch of American Soul. The formality of the Church of England with the lighthearted entertainment of an American Bishop helped to create a humanity to the traditionally rigid monarchy. The first kiss on the steps of a church built before America was founded, showed the legacy of time with the new generation of Royal emerging. They are relatable and approachable and make you feel that having a beer would be a personal highlight.


Key takeaways for brides

Today's bride can take away many lessons from this wedding. Simple is best. Family and tradition are important alongside progression and pushing the status quo. There is a perfect way to blend the needs of both families into a memorable day for everyone to keep harmony. You can walk down the aisle alone and still have the moment you’ve always dreamed of. Everything about this wedding was regal and while expensive, there are many ways to duplicate this wedding in a less costly manner. Aspects that were meaningful were played up. In the end, it's about enjoying your day. Meghan and Harry both lived in the moment. It was a simple ceremony with extreme meaning and intense passion.


The dress

Meghan sported a small nosegay bouquet and it allowed her dress to shine while honoring the late Princess Diana with her favorite flower. Her veil was one for the ages- it caught your breath as you saw her soft eyes beneath. She wore minimal makeup that allowed her incredible beauty to shine through. She was extremely poised and postured but had an extreme innocence of a bride when she arrived at the altar. Her ability to interweave her own tradition into a traditionally rigid framework of the British monarchy was refreshing. Her dress was a nod to feminism and yet will remain timeless. 


Trend Prediction:

Simple lines for wedding dresses. Long veils will come roaring back into vogue. Smaller nosegay style bouquets will trend. 


Bishop Curry was a show stopper.  

During his sermon, you felt his immense passion for Love and Marriage, along with the lightheartedness he displayed. His humor and jovial attitude created laughter and it was completely entertaining to see the Royal family's faces in response. At any given moment you were holding your breath wondering if his flailing arms would topple over the open flamed candle. Meanwhile, the progression of technology made it to the main stage with an iPad on his pulpit!


Trend Prediction: 

Bridal Couples will begin to take a larger role in ceremony planning and ensure that it carries strong messages and lightheartedness sprinkled with tradition.


Prince Harry

Prince Harry was captured by Meghan’s beauty. He greeted her at the altar with a “You Look Amazing” and an all-knowing smile. He was a bundle of nerves until he unveiled her and from that point on seemed to truly enjoy the ceremony. As a spectator, you could only tear up thinking about how proud his mother would have been and how she was missed.


The Guests

The guests were a star-studded affair. Oprah joined George and Amal Clooney, the Beckhams and Elton John. The guests overall wore appropriate clothing, however, some bordered on questionable with undertones of whites. Unlike at William and Kate's wedding, Princess Eugene and Princess Beatrice were almost drab with their clothing choices, considering the statement fascinators they sported last time. There was an overall lighthearted feel to the entire mood the crowd was experiencing.  



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Article courtesy of Amy Grace Collins & Lindsey McConaghy