Making Your Wedding Shine Among Style Me Pretty’s Submissions

As one of the editors at Style Me Pretty, I see hundreds upon hundreds of weddings. So out of the 500+ submissions that come across my desk every week, which ones stand out right away? Which ones make my heart beat a bit faster even after years of looking at celebrations and “I do’s”? And most importantly, how do you, as a bride-to-be, make sure your special day is one of those submissions that sparkle?

Here are the top 5 areas we look at when reviewing incoming submissions for possible online publication:


We love crisp, clear, uncluttered images! They help to show off all the pretty details! Us editors are not experts on photography, we just know what looks best on site and what readers - like you! - love to see and pin and save!

Tell Your Story

We want to see it all, from the bride getting ready through portraits with her bridesmaids, the ceremony and the reception and all the wonderful moments in between! We love unique details, emotions and snaps of the beautiful space where you’re saying “I do”!

Do The Work

Fill out our submission page correctly! We’re looking for around 100 images (more vertical than horizontal!), a writeup from the bride, and all vendors listed! Everyone deserves credit for the work they put into your special day!

Show Off The Goods

We love fresh, unique details, colors and ideas! We’ll always be fans of a classic, elegant blush wedding but don’t be afraid to show us something new! And tell us any fun stories about YOU and YOUR SPOUSE! Did you meet in preschool (yes, it’s happened!)? Was there 10 people at your wedding? 500 people? We want to hear!

Understand SMP

All of this work is for nothing if you’ve never even looked at our site! In order to know if your wedding is a good fit, take a good look at our main page! Check out the photos that shine, the stories that resonate and you’ll be on your way to making your own wedding day submission head to the best spot possible!