The Jewelry Trends to Watch for In 2017

Beginning in the early 90's I applied my background in marketing, public relations and eye for innovation to the design, creation and launch of the Beverly Hills based fine jewelry company Alan Friedman. Now an award-winning industry leader, Alan Friedman Company has created one-of-a-kind pieces for Hollywood's elite.

When it comes to jewelry trends, I can safely say we’re ahead of the curve. So what’s on the horizon for 2017 with engagement rings and wedding bands? A few interesting new trends are emerging.

First, couples seem to be veering away from classic and traditional designs and are now incorporating fun details into their engagement jewelry. I have been and am expecting to see more of double or triple ring shanks, some of which are twisted and bent into elegant shapes. Expect to see more of the same when it comes to the shape of the stones. Rather than standard rounds or ovals, cushion cuts are now very hot and trending!

The industry is also starting to see more and more colors emerging in engagement jewelry. As I have been working with numerous brides-to-be in one of their most exciting occasions, I am designing a lot of natural colored diamonds being used either as the center stone or as detailed accents. White diamonds, yellow diamonds, and especially pink diamonds are very popular.

I recently collaborated with a client to custom design an engagement ring and wedding band with black and white diamonds! It is very special and exciting for brides to express their own individuality using their favorite colors and gemstones. The grooms-to-be are also including color in their bands. Often matching with his fiancées’ rings in a wider and masculine version.

While there are a lot of new trends in the industry, traditional rings still play a big role, especially Halos. I believe Halo-style rings are here to stay! It's a beautiful way to accent a small diamond or gemstone to give it a more important look or to add color to any size diamond or gemstone. Double and triple Halos with a mix of colors makes for incredible beauty!

I make stud earrings using different cut diamonds and gemstones and add halos often as well as pendants. And I love using color in all my jewelry designs especially for brides!

Wedding bands you can expect to see in 2017 will have traditional white round cut diamonds. However, more brides-to-be are expressing their own individuality. We are designing bands using square cut diamonds, wider bands with rows of colored diamonds such as pinks and yellows with diamonds inlaid on the sides. Black and cognac diamond bands are becoming more popular.

Overall working with brides and grooms is one of the most rewarding experiences for me because each and every single bride walks out of our store with something unique, something custom, and on their way to live colorfully.