6 Wedding Traditions to Keep or Ditch

Are all of those "classic traditions" necessary for your wedding? Check this article out to find out what you must-have and have to ditch for your special day.

1. Personal Vows: KEEP! 

The personal vows on the day of are heartwarming and sincere. A definite tear-jerker for the couple and all those in attendance.

2. Bouquet and Garter Toss- DITCH!

A bouquet toss seems cute and sweet in the moment, but in reality, someone paid a lot of bucks for that floral bouquet that's being battered from a toss in the air and a bad catch. Typically following the bouquet toss, the groom will toss the piece of lingerie that he so cringingly just pulled off his wife. Next, the "lucky" groom who catches the piece has to place it on the girl who caught the bouquet... What if the woman who caught the bouquet is your single great aunt?! Sure, this tradition can be fun for some, but each of them can be replaced by something more comfortable for the guests and romantic for the couple.

An alternative could be a girl-power song to get all the girls out there on the dance floor-- like some Beyoncé or Meghan Trainor! 


3. Hora Dance- KEEP!

This traditional Jewish dance is exciting for all, whether the guests know it or not. The guests hold hands and usually take a few steps forward and one step back and the bride and groom are lifted in chairs by men. 

4. Perfectly Matching Bridesmaids- DITCH!
Today, the look is to have the bridesmaids semi-match. So spice it up with some similar looking dresses or follow a color scheme. 

5. Cake Cutting & Feeding- KEEP**

We love when the newlyweds hold the knife together to cut the cake...but things can get awkward when the cake gets messy. As long as it's handled politely it's a cute tradition. 

6. Photobooth- DITCH, Hashtag- #KEEP!

The photos from a photo booth will not necessarily be kept and those little papers are often lost, so create a fun hashtag so your guests can search and see all the special memories from the day.

Raquel Shutt

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